A Bohemian Turkish Classic with 10 Different Decorative Use Suggestions: Peshtemal!

October 16, 2018



How can a traditional bath / bath cover that is light, thin enough and also absorbent? We hear you say " you're kidding !" . Let's look at 10 different decoration suggestions that can be made in the Peshtemal.

Popular for nearly 600 years, especially the Turkish bath and baths indispensable peshtemal, in fact, a kind of towels in large sizes. It is made of natural fibers with the hands of artisanal women in the Black Sea and Aegean. Other prominent features are the stripes, the tufts on the side, the high absorbency, the thin structure, the durability, and the softer texture as it is washed.


Today, a large part of the peshtemal is still handcrafted by artisans. One of the countries where the world's best yarn cotton in Turkey, linen, silk and manufactured by bamboo material peshtemal's, apart from being a good toiletries and gifts, home decoration can say it is also very useful and aesthetic material. Here are 10 different tips for capturing the style your immortal hero will bring to your home:


1. Of course bath towel and bath curtain as a peshtemal


The most common use of loincloth is, of course, you know that you can use it as a bath towel as well as a bathroom curtain. It is also possible to find or make bathrobes and head towels made of peshtemal fabric.




2. Table top runner (long, thin tablecloth) as peshtemal


There is no doubt that a peshcraft will be a great runner! With its organic texture, we recommend to use the peshtemal, especially cotton, which is ideal for covering both interior and exterior tables. Because they can be washed comfortably, they take up little space in the washing machine, they are light and they are softened as they wash!



3. Furniture cover as peshtemal


Peshtemal will add a bohemian style to a room where decoration is used! We cannot say that the peshtemal would be suitable in rooms with official use or in an avant-garde furnished room. However, it will definitely fit into a comfortable, bohemian, rustic, country, romantic, ethnic, eclectic, scandinavian or vintage decorated space, and it will even be a great combination. Especially for a 2 or 3-seater seat, a loincloth in harmony with the rest of the space will be both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable and healthy choice as a seat cover for the user.



4. Overbed runner (long, thin bedspread)


It is a well-known fact that layered use in bed cover is quite common for a variety of reasons. It is highly possible for traditionalist designers to choose bed linen for the long, thin bedclothes, while more creative, eclectic and even minimalist designers are more likely to prefer a loincloth rather than a bed linen! With a small budget, creative elegance.



5. At the entrance of the house peştemal


If you do not have a private cloakroom room, a peshtemal hanging up will be both elegant and very useful. Especially as soon as we enter the house, we're going to shrug the snow, and when we want to wipe the raindrops! Let's add that the classic striped models will add extra style to the space.



6. As a hand towel in the bathroom


In general, it is possible to find the smallest ones of the peshtemals produced in large sizes. If you have one of the big ones in your hand, you can make your guests feel like you are vacationing in a Mediterranean hotel by stylishly folding and placing them around the sink.



7. Randomly thrown as a furniture shawl


With its large size, the loincloth can be used as a lightweight shawl for furniture. Especially when it is used as a chair shawl; The softness, the color, the immediately unobtrusive striped pattern and the traditional elegance will undoubtedly be! A loincloth, which you will use as a shawl on the chair to create a sophisticated and calm effect, will be the right choice.



8. Beach towel as Peshtemals


We can say that it is much more advantageous than a standard towel with its easily foldable, small footprint. Fast drying structure, the size of the whole body to wrap as a dress, a windy boat ride can be used as a scarf, the loincloth makes a great holiday accessory.


9. Pectemal for narrow spaces


Peshtamel doesn't only give you an advantage in a small holiday suitcase. At the same time, the classic 1 bath towel to be covered in the area to be placed in 3 large size loosely, a great advantage for small bathrooms! In today's popular studio apartments, it is very correct to say that the decoration is very stylish in the open area and even it appears as a decoration style.


10. As a drying cloth in the kitchen peshtemals


It would not be wrong to say that almost everything that is useful in the bathroom is also useful in the kitchen. Peshtemal is one of them. In a place where dry hands or dry surfaces are needed, we can declare the super-hero and super-dry superhero with its fast drying structure! Moreover, we can add color, style and mood to the place as hung by the oven or cabinet doors.



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