How To Wear Your Peshtemal

October 20, 2018





1) Cover Your Hair With Peshtemals 


Using Peshtemals for covering your hair will save you a lots of trouble on a bad hair day. And allows you to look more stylish and different than anytime before,


Even though Peshtemals  are so long (approximately 180 cm) Their thin fabric allows you to use them on your hair, folding them easier than it looks, 


100% cotton fabric breathes on your hair and keeps your head fresh and protected from the wind on a cold day. 










2) Cover Your Body On The Beach 


Unfortunately we all have extra weight on our bodies when we enter the summer, it is a natural outcome of winter as the weather gets cold our body stocks fat for the bad times...


But those fats gives us a hard time time wear bikinis on the beach because we feel ashamed of our body on those times. 


Here is a solution for you on this! Use peshtemals for covering your body on the beach. It is getting more and more popular among stylish ladies along the summer. 
























3) SCARF !  


On the anytime of year u can use SunLine Peshtemals as scarf. That usage gives you a relax and stylish look.


Fashionable old designs of the peshtemals add your style more retro look than it is just now!


On a cold weather or on the autumn u can use is  to dry your hair when it's necessary due to instant rain.











4) Beachwear


You do not need any second towel when You have peshtemals in your luggage when you are on your way to make a holiday. 


You can sit on it on the beach it is sandproof!


You can lay on it is breathable and solid, it will let you feel the sand itself when you are resting and sun showering!


You can use it to dry yourselves it is very absorbent !


It covers less space in your luggage!


You can wear it as a poncho or sarong !


You can wrap your body inside it !


100% Cotton and Eco-friendly ideal towels from Sun Line Tekstil ! 


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