Turkish Beach Towels

October 23, 2018

With summer approaching, it’s time to start thinking about those beach essentials for your kids – towels, swimsuits, beach bags, beach toys. Whether you are going to be spending time at the coast or the pool, you want your child to be using the best Turkish cotton beach towel possible, one that takes up little space, dries quickly, and stands out from the crowd so it doesn’t get lost! These are the best Turkish beach towels in Denizli, all being made from 100% Turkish cotton and in bright, fun colours that your child will be proud to be seen with. Read on to discover what makes our children's beach towels the best of the best.

Who doesn’t have childhood summer memories of being wrapped in warm, extra large beach towels after emerging from cool waters on a sunny day? Miss April Towels are here to help you recreate these summertime memories with your children! Let your family hit the beach in style, with each family member having a brightly coloured Turkish beach towel of their choice, that are guaranteed to put smiles on everyone’s faces! Grab yourself cheap beach towels Peshcraft wide on our website today!

What size beach towel do we choose for our children?

Which size beach towel is most suitable for your child depends on what you want to use the beach towel for. Do your children hate lying with their toes in the sand because their towel is too small, left over from 3 Christmases ago as a gift from Aunty Jo? Or do you want a towel that is large enough to double as a picnic blanket or a beach mat for playing on?

We offer all these options – our toddler and baby towels only measure 90x 55cm, so are perfect for smaller kids. However, for children above 5, we recommend our standard sized towels. These measure 100 x 180cm, yet are so lightweight that they will be super easy for your child to handle. Perfect if you want a towel that will last a few drying off sessions in one go – there will always be a dry spot! You can even use it as a bedspread, throw, picnic rug or impromptu tablecloth! The versatile nature of our towels helps you be prepared for any situation. For a more traditional picnic blanket or rug, we offer the most gorgeous round Turkish towels Sun Line has seen, with all the same qualities as our amazing Turkish beach towels. Visit our website to check out our round beach towel options.

What size beach towel do we choose for our children?

The thicker a beach towel is, the slower drying it is going to be. If you are after something a bit heavier than our standard weave towels, check out our pompom towel range. It’s much thicker and more luxurious than our classic design, and is guaranteed to keep your children super cosy! Made from rows of dyed, woven pompoms, it's an eye-catching design that is also extremely soft and absorbent. Again, we have two sizes available here – our hand towel size is perfect for children under 2 years, while our classic size is 100x150cm and will suit both children and adults! Keep in mind that the thickness of this towel is reflected in the weight, so these towels aren’t quite as fast drying as our standard Turkish cotton beach towels. The thinner or lighter a beach towel is, the faster the beach towel dries.




We all know kids love the colour! Our beach towel designs are perfect for children, being the brightest, most eye-catching designs in Peshcraft ! Purchase a towel you know your kids will be proud to use, and harder to lose on a crowded beach! Choose from our range of solids colours, bold stripes, or multicoloured patterns for a gift your child will love!

Just how suitable for kid’s are they?

The lightweight nature of these children’s beach towels means they take up minimal space in a swimming bag, and make the perfect towel for taking to school for swimming, or out for the day with friends to the beach. Sand simply doesn’t stick to these towels, meaning less mess at the end of a long day on the sand, as they need a quick shake and dry out before being used again the following day. The Turkish beach towels Peshtemals needs to experience are a practical luxury that anyone can afford – make your life simpler by grabbing one of these today! Made with the Turkiish lifestyle in mind, these are the ideal holiday gift that will last for many summers, as their absorbency increases with every wash!

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What are the best Turkish Beach Towels Peshcraft has to offer?

May 10, 2018

Nowadays, traveling with a normal cotton beach towel is very rare. If you are still doing this, read on to find out why this is both impractical and old-fashioned! Regular bath or cheap beach towels Peştemal wide are heavy and do not dry quickly enough to store them in your luggage straight after use. But guess what! There are now plenty of alternatives to an everyday cotton towel that will not break your bank or ruin your luggage! There are a few options for travel towels, such as a microfiber or bamboo towels, or our favorite… a peshtemal. This is a traditional Turkish towel that was used in the Turkish baths, dating back hundreds of years. The pestemal makes an ideal travel towel due to its high absorbency, compared to its thicker counterparts.

The Traditional Travel Towel vs. the Turkish Towel

For decades, travelers have used a terry bath towel on their journeys – it’s time to take them out of the backpacks! Not only are they much too space-hungry, but the heavyweight should also be a reason to not choose this option.  A traditional Turkish beach towel is large enough to lie on the beach and ensure all body parts are free from sand, while also rolling up into such a small package they are easy to pop back in your luggage.

A lot of people have tried to use a strong as an alternative. However, these are much thinner than Beach towels and cannot be used to dry yourself. They are really intended to lie on or to wrap around yourself after swimming or to protect yourself from the sun. Another disadvantage of a sarong is that, when purchased at a destination, it is often dyed with colors that give off strongly. So you cannot throw it in easily with your other laundry. The easier option is to choose Turkish cotton beach towels, as the colour will not run or fade.

The Beach Towel

Beach towels PESHTEMAL wide are the winner out of many other options of towels, because it is both suitable for drying yourself, lying on it and wrapping around you. Also, you can simply throw this beach towel in the wash with your clothes. The beach towel dries just as fast as the sarong, but is really much better! That is because the sarong is very thin, and the beach towel is a bit thicker. This really gives a bit more comfort when lying and drying. These extra large beach towels are so multifunctional and also simply because they just feel so nice. They are available in multiple beautiful colours and designs to ensure you stand out on the beach! We also offer the options of childrens beach towels and round beach towels, to ensure our range has something for everyone!

So, I think we’ve shown how Beach Towels Turkey made are a good choice for everyone? Pay attention when you are going to buy  Turkish towels Perth people, as there is a lot of difference in quality. A cheap beach towel is often less absorbent and fades after frequent washing. If you are going to buy a beach towel, you need to choose one of good quality that will outlast your adventures!

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