Stone Washed Peshtemal Towels

October 29, 2018

 Peshtemal is a traditional bath towel for the public bathhouses from a distant history, and only the designs that whats makes such a traditional towels such a new designs


Stone washing the 100% cotton towels a similar process with the jeans, makes their fabric more desirable and soft for touch. This technique removes the hard skin of peshtemal towels and leaves us with an amazing softness.


Stone washed Peshtemal towels are so fashionable!  They can be used as throw and you can easily gift it to a friend or a relative. 











Stone washing allows  us to determine softness and the weight of towels. Especially for the campers weight of a towel matters so much. Light and thin towels which they can use for almost every purpose. As a blanket, towel, cover, and throw. Almost a perfect gift for a camper. Fashionable at the seaside! 












Whit the powder colours amazing peshtemal towel designs comes out so good. You can hang it through your wall like an art painting. Stone Washed peshtemals serves that purpose well and it deserves to be a decorative piece on your wall! 


On our next writings we will continue with the uses of stone washed peshtemals for your interior designs...



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