Different way of towelling

November 20, 2018




As we write a lot on our previous blogs peshtemals are the new way of towelling and beach wear,


And today we would like to talk about a different property of this lovely product,


It's 100% eco-friendly and 100% healthy because peshtemals made of 100% cotton itself. Raw cotton being shaped as spuns, being woven by old wooden fringes, and loomed by hand, there is no way to be any chemical influence over them. As we talked earlier on our writing How it's Made!




Fouta towels low technology production process allows them to be natural and simply more effective than any other regular towel,


Space coverage is most preferable feature about this product as we say less space more absorbent towels you can see it in our earlier blog about Compering With A Regular Towel  


And Hammam towels known as peshtemals has a lots

of purpose of use we could count 25 Reasons for you to buy them in our blog writing 



A Lots of benefits comes with Turkish Towels and its more stylish than any other if you have any anxiety about its water absorbency we can assure you peshtemals absorbs more water each and every time you washed them, and of course you can choose our 2 in one peshtowel modal too. 






Get in touch to become a  customer or a distrubutor on your region! PeshCraft offers more with safety, always 


Keep Smile, Be style ! 




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