How Can I Use Peshtemal?

October 10, 2018

          Peshtemal is a traditional bath towel that comes from a distant history of ottoman hammams. In that period of time the people were using peshtemals for covering their body when day having a bath in public bathrooms. Due to its to light and this peshtemal allows water flows around itself. 


          Later on they discovered it is also absorbent as a towel itself and started to use it in every phase of their life. They dried their hands with the peshkir, they dried their body with peshtemals in addition to all that, being %100 cotton and thin makes the peshtemals breathable, thus it will dry so quickly than any other products on this area. 


         It's use is pretty simple actually, you just should think it is a towel; only more less space coverage in your luggage, and more fast drying time for the reusing it. In addition you can use this peshtemals as Shawl to wrap your body on the nights with a tremendous style and fashion instict. 


You will be different as always just by choosing peshtemals as your BeachWare :)



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