How Its Made Stone Washed Peshtemals

November 12, 2018

In this  article we will look into some of our greatest peshtemal called Stone Washed Peshtemals,

We will examine all the phases of this stylish towels,


First we start ith arranging the fringe for the wave this Stone Washed Fouta towels, after arranging the exact spuns for a plain waving process we start waving with old fringes, Waving is the easiest part of this manufacturing process indeed. Because after we wave the product there comes the artisan old ladies who lives at Denizli's villages...


Craftsmans and women cuts the woven product with their hands and starts the looming process. This takes a lots of time from their life. In those villages like Buldan and Kızılcabölük, producing peshtemal is a natural part of their life and living. Being so, they loome all of the tassels by hand.







After being loomed,  we start the process of sanding, o you may say stonewashing, like denims... This will add our design a bohemian and rustic look, vintage and stylish timeless fashion. Here we see the examples of stone washed peshtemals and we have read how its made.









Thanks for your time :) 

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