Peshtemal is a Passion

November 5, 2018

Peshtemal Is A Passion

After a long past history over a few centuries peshtemal never lost its popularity on the field of towelling. It is become one of the essential actors of our bathrooms and our Luxurious hammams. On the age of Ottoman empire era, Peshtemals used for the cover whole body while you use public bath houses, maybe this why peshtemals are good for covering your body on the beach or any other place that you need to use your body, because the purpose of use matches.


 You can use them outdoors,


      Its thin and lightweight structure allows us to carry them even in our handbags for the emergency situations such as #badhairday and #cothing emergencies. 


      For an example scenario, imagine like you spill something on your dress, go to the ladies room and clean yourself first. After make sure you are all cleaned up use peshtemals as dress like we describe on our earlier How to use peshtemals article.  


      It will be amazingly shocking for those arround you when they saw you in other dress that you carry on your handbag :))













 You Can Use Them in Guest Bathrooms


    It will be a different experience for your guests to use peshtemals in your bathrooms. They will be surprised and puzzled when they first saw your different classy peshtemal towels. But after they use them they will definitely ask you about it. 














You Can Use Peshtemals As Swaddle For Your Baby


It is 100% Cotton and for this reason it is breathable, and of course healthy, 


You can safely surround your babies body with this earth friendly peshtemals and make him/her warm and protected by the wind or cold.


You can gift this product as swaddle to your friends who has become parents recently and make them adore you for introducing them with such a great product.

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