Rising Again

October 15, 2018

Peshtemals are a traditional Turkish flat woven towel made of natural materials like cotton and bamboo, using traditional weaving techniques. Historically used in Turkish baths/hammams before times when houses were furnished with a bathroom, the traditional hammam bathhouse, originated in Rome but spread to the Middle East, and was an important part of everyday life. While the communal bathhouse is less widely used nowadays, the use of the Peshtemal is most definitely on the rise again. 



Peshtemals are robust, durable, soft, light and quick-drying, making them perfect as a gym towel, or a yoga mat cover. Use them to as a tablecloth. tuck them into your backpack, picnic basket or beach bag when you’re on the go. And most of all they make the most perfect holiday essential.


Peshtemals have a long, rich history, their lightweight and absorbent nature make them a more practical substitute to the standard bath/beach/hand towel. but not only this, because of their lightweight and compact nature they can be used for all manner of things making them a completely multifunctional product.

This simple towel is now making its way from its humble beginnings in the communal baths of Turkey to pools, beaches, and bathrooms around the world. Thanks to its simple qualities and versatile uses it is now being seen in bedrooms and living rooms as a cozy throw. Worn as a stylish, warm but breathable scarf. Used as a baby sling or baby blanket, Taken swimming lessons, theme parks and days out. Used to shade the sun from a sleeping baby in a pram, or thrown down as an impromptu picnic blanket… the list is endless...



Peshtemals weigh only a fraction of a standard terry-weave towel in the same size, but are even more absorbent. This makes them less bulky to pack. We recommend keeping your Peshtemal to hand, wear it as a scarf, no baggage charges. Then use it as a cozy blanket on the airplane to keep you warm. Or roll it and use it as a pillow. When you arrive at your holiday destination it can then be used as a sarong to cover up. As a beach or pool towel. Wear it around your shoulders on those cooler evening. Then rinse it through, let it air dry and use again on the way home. One item multiple uses.

Because Peshtemals are flat-woven without the conventional loop/pile construction, they trap less allergens and are ideal for allergy sufferers too. Each Peshtemal is made of 100% cotton and will get suppler, softer and more absorbent with each wash.

They are Eco friendly and easy to care for, using much less energy while washing and drying, compared to traditional towels, throws and blankets. There is no need tumble dry as they dry so fast naturally.



So in summary this simply 100% cotton towel is not just a towel after all, it’s an eco-friendly, Bed Blanket, Bath Towel, Baby shade, Picnic Blanket, Beach Towel, Sarong, Warm Scarf, Evening Wrap, Baby Snuggle Blanket, Play Mat, Table Cloth, Baby Sling, Sofa Throw, Bathroom Accessory, Kitchen Towel, Knotted Bag, holiday essential……… [ https://sundipped.co.uk/blogs/blog-posts/what-is-a-peshtemal ]




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